TourDeParma is back for another installment. With 7 riders. There will be plenty of numbers mentioned. Though, the only important one is 3,046 — the number of people that took their own lives in Australia last year. TourDeParma is a small effort to help lower that number by starting positive conversations around mental health and illness over a pub classic, the Parma.

The Riders

7 Legends. 1000kms
5 Pub feeds.

Their motivations for riding may be different, their love of doing good, having fun, parmas and positive conversations around mental health and suicide prevention is the same.

Get around the TourDeParma team, follow them on the socials, send them donuts, give 'em a high five at the All Nations on the 6th of Movember. Or even better, slide a cheeky pineapple towards their Movember fundraising efforts.

Gav @duffmeistro
Back for his second Tour de Parma, Irish representative Gav enjoys getting around mates that go the extra mile for what they are passionate about. Gav himself enjoys pastries and parmas, so it's a win win really.

Rhi @rhiannonwatt
After losing her dad to suicide in 2016, cycling (and music) became a key part of the grieving and healing process. Much like running, which helped Rhiannon through her own struggles with depression, stress and anxiety, cycling has enabled Rhiannon to have open and vulnerable shoulder to shoulder conversations and connect with others who have had similar experiences. Eggplant parma’s will be the evening meal of choice. Rhiannon will also be taking on a personal challenge of sampling as many caramel slices from country bakeries as she can.

Danny @noise_atlas
Father-in-law. Uncle. Cousin. Namesake. Male suicide is something that is hard to ignore for Danny. And having struggled with depression he knows the importance of conversation, and how riding a bike can create an environment to speak openly. He’ll be sticking strictly to eggplant parmas.

Hannah @hannahbierre
Hannah has been riding since 2002 and after a 5 year hiatus while living overseas she is back into it. She isn’t afraid of a daunting physical and mental challenge, and despite hailing from NZ, is a big fan of a parma (always, always with ham). She’s here for the tough moments, the physical grind, and the strength, openness and depth of connection that comes with vulnerability.

Paul @lapaulio
Paul is fresh into cycling, but is going all in to support his mates and start those chats that we know men desperately need to have. Doing it for himself, and the guys in his life, Paul is up for stretching himself physically and mentally to raise awareness and funds. Being celiac, Paul’s other major challenge over the 5 days is to find a breadcrumb-less Parma.

Liam @_leehow_
Liam's always enjoyed riding and pushing himself physically and mentally. The tougher the ride the greater the reward. But years of sickness meant he couldn't do a lot of the physical activity he wanted to, which took a toll on his mental health. Talking to family and friends really helped. Liam's healthy again, back on the bike and TourDeParma will be his toughest ride to date. But he's glad to have plenty  of support. Vege parmas for Liam too!

Michael @mchlfrr
Not quite sick of the Parma just yet, Michael, back for his 3rd year and is more than thrilled that so many people have taken up the challenge. Not only riding, but doing their bit for mental health and illness. Looking foward to the conversations on and off the bike.

The Tour Route

2 states.
200kms a day.

2 states.
200kms a day.

Coming to terms with mental illness can be tough. The conversation needs to keep going even when it feels like you have nothing left and sometimes you need to ask for help. And this years route we'll need it. Luckily we've got 6 other mates to ask for help. To help block a headwind. To fix a flat and snap them out of slump.

The physically exhausting metaphor TourDeParma is known for remains. Though, we've flipped the script. No massive mountains, they've been replaced that with the longest single day ever on the TourDeParma. Starting with the Adelaide hills. Averaging 200kms a day. It's going to be some journey.

Parma Stops

The significance behind REFUELLING WITH A PARMA

The first time Michael opened up face-to-face with people that he was suffering mentally was over a parma at a pub. He was surrounded by friends in a comfortable setting and the topic was aired as a chat more than some kind of intervention.

The tradition continues, join us at any of the stops, get anything off your chest, just generally have honest conversations. During TourDeParma or anytime after.


Ride 1000kms
or 1 kilometer

Ride 1000kms or 1 kilometer

The team would be super thrilled if anyone could make it to have a friendly chat on the bikes with us. You can check out any of the strava routes and leaving times below. We'll also have a live tracker this year. While we may not be able to wait for you (need to make those parma stops before the kitchen closes), get in touch with one of us and we'll make it work. p.s. we may be a bit slow.

Day 1 Adelaide - Keith 2/11 — Leave @ 6am
Day 2 Keith - Casterton 3/11 — Leave @ 7am
Day 3 Casterton - Stawell 4/11 — Leave @ 7am
Day 4 Stawell - Kyneton 5/11 — Leave @ 7am
Day 5 Kyneton - Melbourne 6/11 — Leave @ 9am

About TourDeParma


Donate to Movember

Started in 2017, TourDeParma was Michael's effort to start positive conversations over a parma about mental illness. To show that you can push through if you summon the courage to ask for help. Asking for support can go a long way to living a better life and achieving those things you always thought you could never do, things that always felt so out of reach because of mental illness. So far, TourDeParma has clocked over 2,500kms and almost $20k dollars raised for lifeline and Movember.

A big thank you to everyone taking up the challenge and riding.
Michael's family and friends for making TourDeParma happen three years in a row.
Also a big thank you to Cycles Galleria for making sure our bikes are running smoothly. And Hub Cycling for sorting all of us out with custom kits.